Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Steps in the Right Direction

Hey everyone!

It's been a long time since I posted. My excuse is that I was working . . . but that's all in the past now! Summer has arrived!

We have already been to the library, to have lunch with Dan at work, and set up a blow-up froggy pool in the back yard, and summer's only been here for 4 days!

But the most exciting thing is that Delaney has started to pull up on furniture and cruise around! It looks like our little darling is FINALLY going to start walking! I was so proud of her the other day as she climbed up the stairs by herself . . . but life just got a lot more interesting. I will need to pay a little more attention as she is wandering around the house!

I will probably be starting a new blog soon. I figure, each kid gets their own blog for the first year (okay . . . maybe a little longer). To see Alan's blog, go to http://alansamazingadventures.blogspot.com. I think I will start my OWN blog now! Any ideas for a really stellar name for the new blog?

Happy Summer!