Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Delaney's First Pigtails

Like how the pigtails display the bald spot? I thought my little girl looked so grown up in her very first pigtails. I squealed in delight, which made her squeal in delight too. She could tell there was something special about her - she kept looking up at me with a big smile! I took about 25 pictures on three different cameras and then text messaged one to Dan, my mom, and Dan's mom. Can you tell I was proud?

A top view

Sept 27 - Great Grandma Dorothy, Great Grandpa Don,
and Grandpa Grape came for a visit.

Playing with Great Grandma

Clapping with Great Grandpa

Alan gets in on the fun, too!

Greeting the Grandpas

Just a few days ago, we went for a walk at the County Park again. I was driving home from work admiring the beautiful leaves, and just spur-of-the-moment decided we should go over there and collect some. (Okay, yes, I know this is probably illegal . . . "take only pictures and leave only footprints" . . . but I do not follow either one of those rules. You will have to ask Dan about what I LEAVE at the park. Email him at and ask. Really.)

But back to the topic - these are pictures from our walk in the park.

Alan gathering pretty leaves

Showing off what he collected in his bag

This is my attempt at taking a picture of Delaney in her front carrier (there was no one else at home to take the picture . . . and I have tried having Alan take a picture for me. I will not try that again for a while.) Delaney enjoyed the walk immensely, being carried facing outward in the front carrier. I think she thought she was flying. Her little arms flapped almost the whole time!

September 20th - Alan and Delaney visited Auntie Laura
and Uncle Daniel and spent the night!
These pictures are of all the kids in the van on the way to church the next day - 5 kids! (Laura and Daniel have 3 beautiful girls. Lillian is 4, Abigail is 2, and Rebecca is 1.)
I was completely shocked and amazed to see them pull up to church EARLY with all the kids looking happy, well fed, and nicely dressed. This is better than I do any given Sunday morning with only two kids. Go Laura and Daniel.

This night at Laura and Daniel's was Delaney's first overnight away from us. She did great, but I couldn't stop thinking about her the whole time!!

Other firsts for Delaney:
  • First two teeth came in!
  • She has started pushing herself around (backwards) on the hard wood floors of our home. This sometimes occurs sitting up and sometimes on her tummy. WOW does she look proud of herself when she does this.
  • She has begun to imitate the way I point when I read to her. So, after I read a couple pages, she will point to the same pictures and say "ba, da, da!" and look at me, expecting to be told how smart she is. And I do. Every time!

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